Chris’ Story

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Chris’ Story | Thriving with EB

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Chris’ Story

My specific strain of EB is jointed areas, so my hands were always really bad, my feet, my elbows, my knees. When your hands and your feet are beat up you can’t really go out and run around and play, so it’s kind of like a rain day. You know, here are your crayons, here’s your pencil crayons. And it was just draw, draw, draw. Drawing as a teen and then you hone those skills a little bit.



I had two older brothers that were very rough-and-tumble, so I grew up rough-and-tumble. And by high school it was like, oh you think you’re gonna pick on me? I put an end to it quickly. Well I’m stubborn and I always have been. Add teenage rebellion in with a doctor telling you, oh you can’t have tattoos ’cause your skin, and, well, guess what happens.


Family life

We never planned the kids but we weren’t trying to prevent children either. Max was born and then six months later she was pregnant with Malia. To watch them play you would never know they have EB. Both are prone to injury, but again they don’t let it slow them down.


Knowing skin

I guess when you grow up with a skin condition you understand skin a lot better. Different layers, binding tissues and all that directly translates into tattooing. Knowing how skin reacts, where to drop that ink into the skin. I’m passionate about tattooing. I love it. I get to put my art on other people. It’s the only thing that they’ll ever take to the grave with them. Every tattoo is different. Every client is different. It never becomes repetitive.

My name’s Chris, and I’m thriving with EB.


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