Tessa’s Story

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Tessa’s Story | Thriving with EB

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Tessa’s Story

My name’s Tessa. I’m fourteen. I have epidermolysis bullosa simplex.


Family history

I’m from a family with EB.  My Grandma had it and my dad has it and my brother has it and I have it too. The thing with my blisters is that because it’s only on my feet and sometimes my hands. You don’t really see it that much.


What others think

Pain obviously is a big part of it but some days it’s just the mental part. That’s honestly the worst for me. Most people don’t really know about it so they make assumptions and stuff. Like if I have to sit out in gym, or I can’t go to school that day they just think I’m lazy or something. Whenever I go swimming I always get really nervous. Sometimes just one small comment can ruin your entire day you know.


Art therapy

I’ve always loved art. In the past few years, it sort of became a therapeutic thing. It’s easier for me to express my emotions and how I’m feeling through art than through words. The main sort of art I do is digital. I would draw on a piece of paper, you know to plan out my ideas. Do a thumbnail and then make it bigger and put it in more detail and then I would use my iPad to draw it again. If I’m not making my own art I’m either watching other people’s art or reading comics.


The support of family

My family is really loving and they’ve always been very supportive with my EB, or you know I’m going through something, or my art, and we’re really close. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you’re born with. What matters is the kind of person you are.

My name’s Tessa and I’m thriving with EB.


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