Miathrives Story

Our Mission

MiaThrives is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the emotional needs of Canadian children living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Our goal is to empower this generation of Butterfly Children to enjoy a social life filled with friendship, inspiration, belonging, and purpose rather than one lived in shame and isolation.

Our Values





The Sky’s The Limit

Our story begins hours after baby Mia was born, when a BandAid was removed and along with it came some of her fragile skin. Melissa, mother of Mia and Founder of MiaThrives instantly knew what that meant. A life with daily struggles just like Mom. It was in that moment that Melissa decided she would fully accept her Epidermolysis Bullosa skin disease so that she could help her daughter to live her best life. That is how MiaThrives came to be. Read Melissa’s bio for more.

About the Founder

Melissa Vassallo Idien’s dream is for generations of Butterfly Children, including her daughter Mia, to feel inspired to live their best lives. She hopes they will spread their wings and soar!

Fly Fearlessly

Butterfly, from the outside you look breakable, But you’ve got something deep inside that’s unshakeable.

Lyrics from song: Fearless When You Fly by Lisa McEwen