MiaThrives Golf Tournament

miathrives golf tournament 2019

Our Golf Tournament

Our 2019 Golf Tournament was a great success. Every year we see our EB community grow, both through the support of our organization and through the connection with other Butterfly Children. MiaThrives is all about finding other families who struggle with EB and providing support and relationship. That’s when we really feel that the work we are doing is of value.


More about EB

EB is a skin disorder that is very rare. There are only about 15,000 people affected by it in Canada. Even worldwide, the numbers of those affected are quite low.


Making a difference

One of the most exciting things that happened throughout the journey of this golf tournament was that we were able to connect with another family living with EB. One mother connected and realized that there was going to be an EB event. She reached out to me and it was quite an honour that her three children attended our golf tournament. Her young son is a Butterfly Child, meaning our community grew!


The MiaThrives dream

My dream with MiaThrives is to fill the need. There are other families out there affected by EB, and we all need support. That’s exactly what MiaThrives’ job is. To find another family in a similar situation is so encouraging. It lets us know that the work we’re doing is of value!


Golf Tournament 2018 from Mia Thrives on Vimeo.

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