Mia and Melissa’s Doll EB Hacks

Mia and Melissas Doll EB Hacks

Mia helps her doll apply band-aids

The Founder of MiaThrives Melissa helps to put band-aids on her daughter Mia as part of her daily skincare routine living with EB. Melissa has thought of this fun game involving her doll to put a positive twist on this sometimes difficult time for her daughter.

You can watch the full video here or down below.



How the game works

Mia and Melissa race to see who can take care of their dolls’ “boo-boos” faster. Both Melissa and Mia often need to take care of sores from day to day life with EB. Together, they use band-aids and sometimes various creams and bandages. This game helps normalize bandage changes and teaches the importance of taking good care of wounds.



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