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Mary’s Story | Thriving with EB

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Mary’s Story

Makeup is like a confidence booster and it’s something that makes me happy. My name is Mary and I have dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. It affects my arms, legs and my fingers. It affects my arms, legs and my fingers. They didn’t know what it was until my leg started bleeding. It was tough on my parents of course.


How it began

In 2014, I knew that there was something wrong because the wound on my ankle wouldn’t heal. The doctor told me there is cancer. She was like, we have to amputate it. My heart dropped and I was shaking. I got cold. I was like, I’m hoping it’s a bad dream. I didn’t know what to do. 


Into makeup

Makeup helped me throughout this hard time in my life so that’s how I got really into it. I started watching tutorials on YouTube. What they did was interesting and I loved the art of it and the colours and all that. It was something to release me from my pain. People ask me did a makeup artist do it or something. I’m like, no it’s actually me. I did it. They see my hands and how they are and they’re like, there’s no way. I won’t let that stop me from doing makeup. It’s just something that I figure out along the way. What to do and how to hold it.


Staying positive

I try to look at the positive side. There are way worse situations out there. My goal is to inspire and motivate other people because honestly, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

My name is Mary and I’m thriving with EB.


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