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Quick and Easy Kids Stamp Clover Craft!

Today Mia and Jill (The Managing Director of MiaThrives and Mia’s Nanny) take you step by step through a Saint Patrick’s Day Craft. Since festivities are closed this year this is a fun and easy way to celebrate at home.

You can watch the full video here (or down below).

What you will need:

  • Bell Pepper
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Pain Brush

Step one:

Cut the bell pepper in half and remove any seeds.

Step two:

Paint the rim of the pepper. Or as Mia likes to do it, press the pepper directly into the paint and start stamping!

Step Three:

Paint stems on clovers.

Step Four:

Paint inside the clover can be a different shade of green or any color your choose.

Happy Crafting!

Please follow along and share photos of your creations, don’t forget to tag @miathrives and #KaleidoscopeKidsCrafts.

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