Kaleidoscope Kids Mother’s Day Craft

Quick and Easy Kids Mother’s Day Craft!

Today Mia and Jill (The Managing Director of MiaThrives and Mia’s Nanny) take you step by step through an easy Mother’s Day Cactus Card.

You can watch the full video here (or down below).

What you will need:

  • Construction paper
  • Black marker
  • glue
  • scissors

optional: Butterfly and flowers from the dollar store (you can also cut them out of paper or draw them on) 

Step one:

Fold a green piece of paper in half. Then trace your hand close to the crease. When you cut it out make sure to leave this part intact as it will open up and be the inside of the card!

Step two:

Using the same folded paper technique as step one using a colour of your choice trace out a shape for a pot and cut it out.

Step three:

Glue the two pieces of paper with the green hand inside the pot (this will be your cactus.)

Step four:

Time to decorate! Using your black marker draw spikes on the cactus. Then you can add flowers or even a butterfly. (Our favorite at MiaThrives since children with EB are often referred to as Butterfly Children.) Once you are complete don’t forget to write a note to your mother inside!

Happy Crafting!

Please follow along and share photos of your creations, don’t forget to tag @miathrives and #KaleidoscopeKidsCrafts.

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