EB Hacks Maternity Clothing

Hey Guys, it’s Emily here from MiaThrives!

I am 25 weeks pregnant and today I am going to chat about maternity clothing. In general, I have a difficult time finding pants that don’t irritate the skin on my lower back. Due to Covid, it is more challenging to get into stores to try on clothing. However, after testing a few different brands I found a few options that have been working well for me and I hope might be helpful for other EB mamas.

You can watch the full video here, or down below.


Many of the leggings I previously owned were high waisted to no longer fit properly. If you have low-rise leggings they might fit and you can avoid pregnancy leggings altogether! Personally, H&M & Old Navy maternity leggings had thick elastic bands that caused too much friction on my skin. The best option has been Motherhood Maternity Leggings that have extra-soft elastic bands. I ordered them off amazon and they come in a variety of sizes and colors.


Maternity pants and jeans generally don’t have buttons and zippers, you have to pull them up and down and this can cause friction. For me when I tried a real jean material the rubbing of pulling them on and off caused some skin irritation. I switched to jeans that had elastic and have had much better luck with that. I would suggest checking the material of your maternity jeans and make sure there is a percentage of elastic.

Other Notes

I tuck an undershirt that is 100% cotton into my pants since they are not seamless like the leggings. I have also found maternity shirts in cotton or bamboo very comfortable. Instead of investing in maternity sweaters, I have picked up a few button-down sweaters that I can continue wearing when I am no longer pregnant.

We would love to hear from you if you tried any of these hacks or have any hacks you would like to share with the EB community!

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