EB Hacks-Amazing Skin Cloth

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Hey Guys, it’s Emily here from MiaThrives!

I know we have already done an EB Hacks on make-up remover but this product is so much more! (Here is the link to the previous video with Deanna if you haven’t seen it yet.)

You can watch the full video here (or down below).

Face Halo

The Face Halo is a non-toxic and reusable make-up remover pad. It uses tec fibers and just uses water. It lasts for about 500 uses before it’s time to switch to a new pad. You can find them here on their official website.


  • This product has many benefits for EB Skin, first being off, it is extremely soft to the touch
  • You do not need to pair with any products (many make-up removers have alcohol that can sting sensitive skin)
  • Can be used to remove sunscreen or dirt before applying creams (Also comes in a larger size for full body)
  • Environmentally friendly can be thrown in the washing machine

We would love to hear from you if this is something you’ve tried and if it works for you! Also, feel free to let us know if you have any other EB Hacks!

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