Costume Party

costume party miathrives eb awareness

The Costume Party Invitation

Put on your costume and your face paint! It’s time to join us as we celebrate EB Awareness Week with a costume party! Our main goal is to spread the word that while living with EB can be a struggle, it’s also possible to enjoy a fulfilling life of purpose with the condition.


Dress-up Day!

Thank you all so much for attending. We felt very blessed to be able to celebrate MiaThrive. It was a really exciting time in our family life, celebrating EB Awareness Week and helping out other families affected by EB.

We asked everyone to focus on supporting us during EB Awareness Week by sharing our video. We appreciate everyone’s love and support as well.


More about EB

EB is a very rare disease and most people don’t know what it is. It’s common for people to ask if it’s eczema and usually means starting a five or ten-minute conversation to explain the condition.

Our goal is to make Mia’s life as normal as possible. We don’t want people to avoid or misunderstand her in school. By extension, we want to create the same experience for everyone else in our EB community.


Ending the Costume Party

We toasted Melissa and her family as a thank you for putting the whole costume party event together. Let’s make a difference for those living and thriving with EB!

MiaThrives – Costume Party Event 2017 from Mia Thrives on Vimeo.

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Support MiaThrives by donating that will make a meaningful contribution to the lives of people living with EB and their families.
All donations over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt. Your gift will allow MiaThrives to continue to provide comprehensive programs and services to help children with EB thrive and achieve their full potential. Your donation will also help us to expand our offerings and plan for engaging in-person and online events in 2023.