Cause the Wave in collaboration with Tim Au-Yeung

Cause the Wave in collaboration with Tim Au-Yeung
Cause the Wave Pearl Jam Movement is a division that raises awareness and funds for HealEB benefiting EB Research Partnership. Click here to learn more.

Honoring EB Awareness week 2020

Artist Tim Au-Yeung donated his time and artistic skills to collaborate on a series of paintings for Cause the Wave. The eye-catching 16×16 portraits show 10 EB warriors expressing their unique personalities and changing the way people perceive EB. Click here to watch the photos be transformed into breathtaking portraits.

To Mia’s excitement!

She had the honor of being chosen as one of the individuals with EB to be painted in the series. When her portrait arrived she recognized herself instantly and was over the moon.

A huge thank you to Tim and Cause the Wave for creating this magical moment!

PodCast Announcement

Jill and Emily had the opportunity to catch up with Tim and interview him on the MiaThrives Podcast. He discusses everything from his background in the arts to inspirations and ideas behind the portraits. Click here to listen.
For more on Tim check out the link below

In the podcast Tim shares a powerful poem, he wrote

Being strong 
When you want to break down
Keeping a smile
When it’s easier to frown.
Working through your troubles
Not just push them away
Living my best life,
Every day
Being thankful
For the time we have here
Bringing people together
To help you face the fear
To survive
A cure
To endure.

Cause the Waves next Event

On November 18th, 2020 at 8 pm EST Ventures into Cures, an event for EB Research Partnership, featuring Jill & Eddie Veddar and friends will be live streaming. Don’t forget to tune in for uplifting stories on individuals with EB along with celebrity friends. Click here to learn more.

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