Angelas Angels 2020 Award Winner, Kadee

Angelas Angels 2020 Award Winner, Kadee

The MiaThrives Team was thrilled to receive so many amazing nominations during the Angela’s Angels campaign 2020. There are so many incredible caregivers and members in the EB community. We were touched by so many stories that the task of choosing a winner became very difficult. Due to the generosity of one of our sponsors, we awarded all three finalists the $1000 prize and title of Angela’s Angel Award winner 2020. To learn more about the Angela’s Angel award click here.

Many of you active in the EB community already know Kadee for her dedication to supporting the Facebook groups, answering questions, and sharing advice from her extensive knowledge of EB care. For those reasons any many more stated in her nomination (below) by her friend Amy, she is a perfect candidate for the Angela’s Angels Award.

I would like to nominate Kadee for this award. I first met Kadee when I was in process of adopting my son, who has EB. She had contacted my adoption agency as a resource. Coincidentally we lived close, and before he came home I was able to go to Kadee’s home where she and another EB mom demonstrated bandage changes and offered friendship. I remember feeling her complete love for children with EB. The best advice she gave me that day that has always stuck with me was to always put love first in all our decisions. She explained that EB kids have so much to deal with and they need extra love and grace more than anything. In between all the bandaging and challenges, and encouraging them to be strong and independent— love them
most. Be a safe space.
At the DEBRA conference in Arizona, I watched her quietly slip away at night to help a newly adopted mom, who is single, do bandage changes—so she wouldn’t feel so alone. I’ve seen her just as quietly contact and befriend every new EB parent in our area and travel to their homes several times a week to teach bandaging, even though she has 4 children with EB and 3 children without it of her own. She wakes early every day and dedicates her life to this cause. We didn’t have an EB advocate at our children’s hospital; however, when they brought on a new dermatologist this year, Kadee met with her and has gotten her on board! Together they were able to offer support to several new babies and families this last year with EB diagnosis. This doctor is now committed to helping all our EB families and going to conferences etc.
When she got cancer earlier this year, Kadee’s biggest concern wasn’t about her pain —it was about wanting to be a mom to her kids. She said it was all she ever wanted to do. She has helped me many times to continue to love my EB child, do hard things, and see the hope and joy in these kids and the EB community.
Kadee is amazing and fun and loving and I think she’d be a great recipient of your award this year.

Stay tuned to hear more about Kadee’s story on the MiaThrives podcast.

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