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Angela’s Angel

Embracing the Amazing

Learn about our Angela’s Angel Award. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) touches more than those diagnosed with the hereditary skin disease; it also affects caretakers. Caretakers like Angela Vassallo—our founder Melissa’s mother.

About Angela

Angela traded a career that she loved for an important job she felt nobody else could do as well as her: full-time caregiver of her baby. Melissa didn’t realize how much her mother gave up to be there for her until she was much older. When she founded MiaThrives, Melissa knew she wanted to honour her mother in a special way, and that’s how the Angela’s Angel Award was born.

Angela’s Angel Award recognizes those who go above and beyond to demonstrate extreme care, selflessness, love, and advocacy for the EB Community. Our first recipient was Heidi Graf. Heidi is married to someone living with EB and is a mom to two Butterfly Children.

Learn more about Heidi below.

Angela’s Angel Recipient

Heidi Graf

MiaThrives is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the emotional needs of Canadian children living with EB. Our goal is to empower this generation of Butterfly Children to enjoy a social life filled with friendship, inspiration, belonging, and purpose rather than one lived in shame and isolation.

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